What Our Users Say

"We are pleased with our customized Company diary on its good quality, feel and appearance. Moreover we were able to include engineering papers that makes our diary stand out from the rest, which other vendors were not able to provide. I recommend House of Planners for your Company diary and Yih Shian for his great service!"

~ Aaron Yeh - Addcel Engineering Pte Ltd / Business Development Executive


"R'fillae is able to customize a user-focused time-management solution. Mass customized as well! Kudos!

Kudos to the very thoughtful team and Lead, Yih Shian at ur company/R'fillae!"

~ Philip Wee - 3D-Printing-Hub.Asia  / Head of 3D Design


"I like how practical and flexible the R’fillae system is. As I have multiple issues going on in the daily running of my business, it allows me to manage thought processes and keeps me grounded on priorities."

~ Ray Zheng - General Manager - SINMA Jewellery Pte Ltd


"R'fillae has really made me more productive as it allows me to keep a single planner for years and get my life organized effortlessly."

~ Vernon Lim - Brand Strategist / Vjoire Consultancy


"Yih Shian was really helpful and accommodating. I really enjoyed the whole process. He was never pushy - instead was very sincere to add value in making my company's corporate products the best it can be. My clients love it!"

~ Sue - Director - The Providence Co.


"Systematic way to recover time. If you find yourself constantly busy, take a look at the Refillae system. Not only at the organizer but their system of planning and priotization. It can be life changing."

~ Ming Song - Managing Director / Mediashock Productions


"I have purchased planners from House of Planners several times for company events as well as for corporate gifts.

I like the fact that there is a lot of customisation possible for the design, for example, the magnetic metal buckle can be changed to our company logo and USB thumbdrive can be included in the design. The material is of good quality with different colour options and the packaging also looks professional. I have received many good feedback from staff and customers."

~ Aline Wong - Senior Marcom Executive


"I've been a R'fillae user for many years. Good and practical design, a useful tool to help me organise my personal and work schedule. Thank you House of Planners."

~ Derick - Director / Diverse Solutions Pte Ltd


"I own two of these planners, and I really like how the system helps me keep track of my progress towards my word and personal goals and lets me manage my schedule at a glance.  Thanks Yih Shian for  introducing his planners to me!"

~ Pearlene - Psychologist

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