What Our Users Say

"We are pleased with our customized Company diary on its good quality, feel and appearance. Moreover we were able to include engineering papers that makes our diary stand out from the rest, which other vendors were not able to provide. I recommend House of Planners for your Company diary and Yih Shian for his great service!" ~ Aaron Yeh - Addcel Engineering Pte Ltd / Business Development Executive   "R'fillae is able to customize a user-focused time-management solution. Mass customized as well! Kudos! Kudos to the very thoughtful team and Lead, Yih Shian at ur company/R'fillae!" ~ Philip Wee -...

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Planner's Day Event

We’re only human, and our memory is not infallible. By writing your plans down, you ensure that you do not forget the essential things that you need to remember.

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About Our Passion

With the advancement of technology, we at House of Planners believe there is still importance in traditional, simple but elegance tools like pen and papers.

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