Xi Meng Lu (Lee Leng Kiong)
Xi Meng Lu (Lee Leng Kiong)

Xi Meng Lu (Lee Leng Kiong)

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ISBN/Ean: 978-981-18-2039-7

Year Published: 2021

Publisher: Superskill Graphics Pte Ltd

Number of Pages: 266


书本简介 About the Book

戏可以假做,但话要真说!~~ 一个新加坡电视剧监制的工作札记。

The drama can be make-believe, but the words must be truthful! — Recounts of a
Singaporean TV drama producer’s experiences. After all the fun and excitement is over,
memories will forever remains in the heart.《戏梦录》is a salute to all TV series producers.

作者简介 About the Author

合晚报《心景框》专栏作者。2017 年国家图书馆狮城作家系列推荐作家。2020 年以诗

Lee Leng Kiong, a literary creator with a pen in one hand and a camera in the other. Former TV news editor and TV series producer. Columnist of Lianhe Wanbao 《心景框》series. A featured writer for the 2017 National Library Lion City Writers Series. In 2020, he won the Singapore Literature Prize “Readers’ Favourites” award with poetry collection《风向鸡》。

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